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At Patterson Precision designs we are committed to giving Toyota owners what they desire, but cannot find. We started from requests by Tundra owners, of a lack of aftermarket products for their vehicles. After purchasing a 2003 TRD Tundra I too, found a lack of excitement under the hood, and questioned other owners at TundraSolution.com. We agreed, something needed to be done. We then developed the Tundra / Sequoia billet throttle body cover. It was an instant hit!

Through the latest in technology in high speed CNC machine tools, state of the art cad cam software, 23 years CNC machining and design experience, made possible a 15 lb to 2 lb billet hogout, polished, waxed, painted lettering, and stainless steel hardware, all for under $100.00. We will continue to add new products to our line as requests continue to pour in.

Our business philosophy is simple, highest of quality standards and customer needs and input are #1. We offer a 30 day complete satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your new product, simply contact PPD for return authorization for full refund.

Please take a moment to read what our customers have taken the time to write about us.

Ah, it is I that thank you. Got it today, what a beautiful piece of workmanship. Added pics to TS too. Thanks again Kevin!

...this bad boy is better than anticipated. IMHO, pictures barely scratch the surface on the quality of this product! This is by far some of the best construction ever! everyone should get one!

I got mine today! I gotta say "Wow" what'a mod.

We are a very demanding Group at TS.com. We want the best quality at a fair price, but, we do appreciate when someone takes the time to meet our needs. There are many, many others, so my apologies for not naming them, but, TS members like FYR145, Bosnthrill, and Tundrabear represent some of the excellent people you find on TS that appreciate a quality effort with results. I hope you realize Verndog (Kevin) that you have raised the bar on this product. Looking forward to your other projects as I try to figure a way to get a damn Business trip home and have the fun of installing this beauty on my ride!

Got mine today! Oddly enough, it arrived together with an underdrive pulley that I ordered and paid for in June! That's a classic example of the dichotomy between good and bad service. I joined the others in sending Kevin something extra for his efforts here. BTW, the cover looks great!

Yup, I got my cover yesterday and I gotta say this thing is beautiful. Even the packaging is first class. Again, thank you Kevin for an excellent job and put me on the list for the next project, even if I don't know what it is yet.

Was out of town most of the week and came home late last night to a nice surprise! I just had to open it before I went to bed! Excellent workmanship Kevin...packaging, instructions, etc. are all top notch. Looking forward to installing it tomorrow...
Thanks again!

Got mine the other day. GREAT MOD! The quality is awesome. You did an excellent job. Thanks again, and let us know about the new top plate. Judging from the TB cover, can't wait to see what the new top plate looks like!

Here are some pics of the OEM cover & the PPD cover (top view & underside view). Craftsmanship is far more superior on the one made by PPD!

I showed my new cover to a few of my skating team mates and they agreed with me that it looks fantastic, cannot wait for new STUFF any ideas yet???

Just want to forward a few words in response to your efforts and approach to making lemonade out of lemons: cool, fresh, unruffled, fabulous, wonderful, tremendous, marvelous, remarkable, extraordinary, amazing, excellent, outstanding, exceptional, first-rate, admirable, superior, excellent, superb, terrific. fabulous, fantastic, terrific & marvelous. What next? I'm in; I like toys for the TOY.

Got mine today and installed it right away. This thing is sweet! I chose the blue top plate if anyone want to see it I attached a picture of it. You can see a larger picture in "My Photos". Aloha & a big Mahalo (thank you) to Kevin!

Dude, I got mine today, and I cannot thank you enough! The workmanship far surpasses the picture you have posted. I have a couple Ideas for ya. Polished battery holder? Polished antifreeze bracket? How about some nice polished valve covers? OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH
I could go on and on
Thank you again,

Just got my billet cover in the mail. WOW! This thing is a work of art. Can't wait to put it on and take some pics. Thanks.

The brown truck delivered your package. Thanks for the high quality workmanship and outstanding cover, Sure made me want more. Please advise when your new project comes to life. P.F.

I received the cover and now the engine compartment doesn't do it justice. I was just looking under the hood at candidates for the Kevin treatment and the fuse cover came up. Similar tooling, shape, etc. Anyway, thanks for a great mod and I hope I have funds for the new fuse cover after gee-bee hoses, optima battery, etc.


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